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Vascular Sonography &


Hemodynamics for Sonographers is a concise but in-depth examination of the underlying physical principles of arterial and venous blood flow in the human circulatory system.  Generously illustrated with full-color physical concepts, anatomical models and sonographic correlates, this book is an excellent text for individuals new to vascular ultrasound.  It is also a great a reference volume for sonographers already practicing.  Individual chapters cover the scientific and physical principles underlying both arterial and venous hemodynamics, the scientific principles specific to arteries and veins, and a comprehensive, illustrated atlas of peripheral vascular circulation with sonographic correlates.  

Chapter Titles

  • Hemodynamics:  Physical Principles
  • Arterial Hemodynamics
  • Systemic Arterial Hemodynamics
  • Venous Hemodynamics
  • Systemic Venous Hemodynamics