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Sonography Physics & Instrumentation

Finally, an ultrasound physics and instrumentation text written by a sonographer for sonographers.  Presented in an easy-to-read and generously illustrated narrative style, Acoustics to Images covers the scientific principles and technological concepts that make sonographic imaging a reality.  This new addition to the SPI resource library offers full chapters on pertinent acoustic physics, conventional imaging instrumentation, and a comparative overview of state-of-the-art  advances in ultrasound imaging architecture.     While the content covers virtually all of the material found in national certifying examinations, this book, unlike many texts currently in use, is not exam-centric in its approach.  With significant developments in sonographic imaging technology that open the door to new and exciting diagnostic applications, Acoustics to Images offers a coherent foundation for understanding these advances to both students and active practitioners.


Publications & Whitepapers

Chapter Titles

Conventional Topics

  • The Nature of Sound
  • Interaction with Soft Tissue
  • Acoustic Bioeffects
  • Transducers
  • Beam Geometry
  • Pulse Echo Imaging
  • Image Resolution & Quality
  • Image Artifacts
  • Doppler Modalities
  • Comparative Imaging System Architecture
  • Virtual Beamforming
  • MEMS-based Transducers
  • Single Crystal Transducers
  • Conventional & Advanced Imaging Modalities
  • Non-Doppler Vascular Modalities
  • Ultrasound Elastography
  • Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound

Advanced Topics