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Greetings and Welcome to SonoScholar

     What you will find here is a collection of academic and educational materials generated over a forty-year journey through clinics, classrooms, engineering backrooms, and countless encounters with practicing sonography professionals, entry-level beginners, and students.  A common interest shared by educators and students alike is access to sonography materials written by a sonographer for sonographers.  Educational materials where content is not dumbed-down into seemingly disconnected, random bullet points but also not so far off into the stratosphere that it takes an advanced academic degree to comprehend.  It has long been my goal as an educator to translate esoteric physical principles and complex engineering concepts into language that healthcare practitioners can not only understand but can enjoy learning. It is my hope that the SPI and hemodynamics textbooks offered here, which have evolved over many years of learning about, writing about, and teaching diagnostic medical sonography,  will help further this goal.

     The OB/Gyn texts are also the result of years of clinical practice and didactic endeavors.  Working beside imaging professionals, midwives, physicians, acoustic scientists,  and ultrasound development engineers brings a broad perspective to the clinical and scientific content of these tomes.  Part and parcel of my decades-long academic career has been preparing applicants for national OB/Gyn sonography certifying examinations.  Their successful completion has  been a source of great personal and professional gratification.  It is my hope that the resources available here will continue to provide guidance to  those looking to advance their career goals. 

Jim Baun


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